Canada should be THE destination for top talent.

How do we make that a reality in the next 5 years? To help answer that, C100 convenes growth stage CEOs and executives at our annual Growth Summit.

This invitation-only event focuses on talent and growth with opportunities to learn from industry leaders and experts, as well as through thoughtful discussion groups.  

With a focus on making Canadian-led companies the destination for top talent, founders should bring their Heads of Talent who will be able to hear from talent partners and executives, as well as access C100’s network of upcoming talent for networking and opportunities. Founders will also have access to founder only events to foster new networks and provide peer learning and support.

Topics covered in 2019’s Summit include: Building the next generation of Canadian talent, Culture and your “Employer Brand”, Considerations when opening a Canadian office, Are distributed offices and teams the future?, and more.


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